Thurston County Election Results 2013

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Updated! 11/6 at 7:30 pm

522 is losing by 232 votes out of 57,637 total counted.

Gary Alexander has pulled into the lead for county auditor, 50.08% to 49.92%

Other races have seen the gap shrink or widen, but no other game-changers yet–stay tuned!

The unofficial election results as of Tuesday evening (see full results at and check back tonight after six for updated numbers):

I517 (the “initiatives initiative”): losing 34.5% to 65.5%

I522 (GMO labeling): losing 48.46% to 51.54%

All of the Advisory Votes for taxes passed by the legislature are being maintained, except the one pertaining to insurance for pediatric oral surgery.

County Auditor: Mary Hall leads Gary Alexander by 50.81% to 49.19%

Port of Olympia: Sue Gunn leads Jeff Davis by 51.35% to 48.64%

Olympia Council Pos. 4: Cheryl Selby leads Darren Mills by 61.45% to 38.55%

Olympia Council Pos. 5: Julie Hankins leads Mike Volz by 64.3% to 35.7%

Olympia Council Pos. 6: Jeannine Roe

Olympia Council Pos. 7: Jim Cooper leads Prophet Atlantis by 90.51% to 9.49%


In Lacey, it looks like it’ll be Cynthia Pratt, Andy Ryder, Michael Steadman, and Virgil Clarkson.

In Tumwater, Pete Kmet, Nicole Hill, M. John Way, Ed Hildreth and Debbie Sullivan.

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  1. Matthew Green

    A question came up our Facebook page: “Who’s going to win the auditor’s race? … as in, which precincts are outstanding?”

    Actually, with vote-by-mail, there are no particular precincts remaining uncounted. Instead, the uncounted votes are just whatever ballots were returned very late (postmarked on Tuesday, dropped in a box late on Tuesday). There is no evidence about how those late ballots are different from early ballots, so we’ll just have to watch and see.

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