Fortnightly Single

  1. All New Fortnightly Single! Jim!


    It’s back!!! After a too-long hiatus, the Fortnightly Single returns! Let us introduce a gentleman well known and loved by OFS: Jim, who has chosen to describe himself through the…

  2. New Fortnightly Single: Sarah Jordan!

    pic 8

    Hey there, Olympia! Meet Sarah Jordan! Sarah Jordan. Two names. It’s a double name. Do NOT call her Sarah.   This hilarious, progressively minded, lady spends most of her time…

  3. New Fortnightly Single: Matthew!

    fns matthew

    What about Ryan? you may be asking yourself. Well, here’s what happened… From our email inbox: “I write to you from California en route to my new home in the…

  4. New Fortnightly Single: Ryan!


    UPDATE: Ryan has not picked a date yet! You still have a chance to wine and dine this fabulous lady — if you write in Right Now. Do it.  …

  5. Fortnightly Single: Todd and Elissa!

    Your intrepid reporters joined Todd and his date of choice, Elissa, at Lemongrass Restaurant on a recent Friday. We separated them briefly to do that prying piece of quote-unquote journalism…

  6. New Fortnightly Single: Nicole!


    What about Todd? Todd has a date scheduled. Yay! We will write it all up and you will read all about it in the next issue. Meanwhile, meet Nicole: Oh hey….

  7. Meg and Bob go on a date!

    Meg and Bob with waitress Monica

    [Surprise! Meg went on a date after all. Bob wrote in just as we were printing the issue where Meg said she decided against a date. But we sent her...

  8. New Fortnightly Single: Todd!


    Hello Olympia, My name is Todd B. Gruel.  I’m 29 years old, 6’3″, and I’m ready for a drink!  I’m also new to Washington — at the end of February…

  9. Fortnightly Single: Roy and Sunny!

    fns 3-21 10

          In the time it took us to figure out that Meg didn’t want to go on a date, then to figure out that she did after all, then…

  10. New Fortnightly Single: Roy!

    fns roy

    What about Meg??!! Meg decided she didn’t want to go on a date after all. We’re not sure whether she met someone else or was embarrassed to be seen with…