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  1. Christine Anderson

    Paul Pickett’s article about St. Peter’s Hospital cuts employee…… is right on. Could he submit the same article to the Olympian and the Senior NEws? the recent article in the Olympia was biased to the management and corporation. Mr. Picket’s article definite tells the worker side. Yes, I am an employee at Providence Sound Home Care and Hospice. Thank you.

  2. Jill Severn

    You know I love you guys . . . But I wanted to tell you that the term “little old ladies” just makes me cringe. Your editorial’s flippant remark about having “hordes of little old ladies” with handbags patrolling downtown is such an awful, powerless and ridiculous stereotype of older women. Please, please stop.



  3. Alicia Vance

    I am for homeless shelters in Olympia but not ones that will be a magnet to sex offenders and drug addicts.
    This shelter would be doing NO favors for anyone!
    If you think differently your living in make believe la la land!
    This is what you want to bring to Olympia more drugs and sex offenders! As if we don’t already have more then our share!
    Your agenda/proposal is insane!!! This will only cause Olympia harm!
    Parents are going to have to worry more about their kids as well as keep a even closer eye on them.
    Police will need to work even harder and in more potentially dangerous situations.
    Crime rates of the worst kind will be off the charts for Olympia!
    Go ahead do your part in turning Olympia into a trashy more hazardous city!
    Meanwhile I will only volunteer at rational DO GOOD homeless shelters!

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