The Alternative Holiday Show will get you through the darkest night of the year!

Culture Theatre

Alternative Holiday Show posterAnnouncing the first Alternative Holiday Show variety show!

Elizabeth Lord is adept at channeling all of Olympia’s miscellaneous weirdness/talent and distilling it into a singular good time for those who prefer laughing to scowling.

You may, as hundreds others like you, have experienced the height of Lord’s humor when she gave, nay, gifted, her audience the mental image of her attempt to become a “walking percussion instrument” via her vagina. So vivid is her storytelling acumen that this scene is permanently engineered into your synapses. Perhaps she stunned you when she played a pitch-perfect male chauvinist cowboy. Lord’s also the gallant and mustachio-ed emcee of the annual Lord Franzannian Vaudeville show. If you have ever been so lucky as to attend her productions, you will be rewarded by forever wanting to see everything she’s in because she is a doula of laughter and deep and/or irreverent humanity.

Last September, it was the vagina-percussion egg story. This December, Lord is generously offering a chance to be a part of holiday history.

O! To be entertained by a live band! And (somewhat deranged) songs sung by the talented cast! O! Poetry! O! Skits! Did you say that you enjoy improvised songs with audience participation? Christmas Island is cool but a rock-n-roll nativity scene is cooler?

Lo! Do I hear Lord Franzanta-Claus coming down the chimney? Maybe not, but one can always put that on the wish list, get tipsy, walk to Westfield Shopping Center, take photos with Santa, and pray it comes true before getting booted by mall cops.

Any shaker worth their salt with tell you that only Elizabeth & Co. can fill the hole left by Saul Tannenbaum’s relocation. Says Lord, “this is a friendly show.  A tongue and cheek show. Honoring what it means to be an inhabitant on this planet earth. Yet perhaps making fun of specific holiday traditions.” Incidentally, do you like cookies? Because a) cookies are for children over ten years old, along with their advanced version, AKA, adults); and b) so is the show! Furthermore; c) there will be delicious cookies at the show!

Tickets are $12-$24. That’s a verifiable damn good deal. Because while Napster was out milling puppies, Elizabeth has been birthing fundraisers to support the theater arts, this show included.

You are going to give the nice lady some of your dollars and you are going to laugh with friends. The only harshness here is the pathos that strikes with the realization that the show is Two Nights Only!

To be precise, December 20 and 21, at 8 PM, doors at 7:30. At the Midnight Sun Performance Space, 113 N. Columbia Street.◙

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