Drum 1On a recent pleasantly sunny day, cold but clear, Erik wanted to play his drums.

But staying home was boring, and downtown had too many people. So Erik packed his drum kit into his van, hauled it to East Bay Drive, and set up where he could watch the sunset over the water. He was alone, in public, with his drumming – except when a reporter happened to drive by. He said this was his first time, but he looked like an old pro.

Erik is in a skate rock band called Ohligans, though he acknowledges they’re not local. Still, we salute you, Erik, for rocking the East Bay.


And then, quite unrelatedly, late in the evening on Small Business Saturday, we came across this band jamming in the entryway to the Security Building in downtown Olympia. Two full drum sets in public in one week! Pretty cool, huh? The Little Drummer Boy would be proud.

photo 2

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