Holiday Shopping Guide: It really sucks to get a useless gift


This year, OP&L is giving you the gift of how not to do that. Because we love you. (And because we’d rather not get useless gifts.)

photo1 useless gift







The holidays are awkward enough.









And while it might seem like a good idea at the time to get your high femme lady-friend those hockey gloves, trust us, it can only make things worse.

This year, Hansel and Gretel (real names withheld for privacy) school us all on what it means to enjoy consumerism in all its local economy strengthening glory. Shopping local is radical, fun, and guaranteed Baby Jesus approved!

girls with gifts








Things get serious and quiet when shoes and chocolate are involved.

GREAT gift







The moral of the story is: Be a champ and get your loved ones an untrained puppy. ◙

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