Oly Lowlife 7-24-13

Frivolity Blotter

Date/Time: 7/8/2013, 15:23 Hours

Location: 3900 Block Martin Way, Olympia

Incident: Idle Hands (Rocking Out)

As the dog days of summer approach, we can be sure that the doldrums of summer have already settled in for the youth.  What seemed like the world’s most wonderful predicament only a few short weeks ago, now feels like an unending burden; Summer is here and there is nothing to do!

Inevitably, the youth will find a way to keep themselves occupied.  Once the snooze button has been maxed out and the Top-Ramen has been “cooked”, the day’s adventures could lead anywhere, productivity be damned.

One group of young men followed this generic Summer Loafing plan and wound up hiking part of the Chehalis Western Trail.  However, instead of enjoying the natural beauty of the former rail road route, the boys decided to deploy a dangerous and degenerate plan; throwing rocks from the elevated trail into the parking lot of a medical clinic.

As the shirtless boys hurled “handfuls of ping pong sized rocks over the fence and into the parking lot, hitting cars and pavement,” a woman sitting in her car noticed the commotion.  As several cars in her vicinity were struck, the woman got out of her vehicle and admonished the boys for their juvenile antics.  In response, one of the boys began throwing rocks at the woman, who was more than twenty feet below.  After nearly striking the woman with the stones, the boys walked away down the trail.  The woman dialed 911 and then jumped in her car and drove around the corner, in the direction that the boys had been traveling.  Unable to locate the Beebop and Rocksteady crew, the woman returned to the clinic parking lot in her car.  When she got out of her car she heard a boy’s voice say he was, “going to throw one at HER,” which he proceeded to do, narrowly missing the woman.  The woman then moved her car and went inside a building in order to place another 911 call.

When police arrived they found numerous vehicles with obvious damage to their windshields and hoods, all of which were parked facing the Chehalis Western Trail.  After a quick assessment of the damage the Olympia Police went up to the trail in order to look for the suspects.  Shortly thereafter, one of the police officer’s came across a teenage boy who vaguely matched a description given by the female witness.  When questioned, the boy stated that he was walking from a friend’s house to meet his mother at a nearby store and that he was traveling alone.  Without suitable probable cause, the OPD officer let the juvenile continue on his way.

Not long after letting the juvenile go, another OPD officer noticed a teenage male on a bike who matched the description of the youth who threw rocks at the female witness.  When the officer caught up to the bike riding youth he discovered that the boy had a friend with him.  As the officer and suspected juvenile delinquents began to chat about the situation, a third young man showed up:  It was the same youth who had been previously contacted by the OPD and released.  The boy on the bike and his accomplice quickly identified the youthful passerby as one of their friends and indicated that they had all been hanging out that afternoon.

The three juveniles were detained by police until the female witness who called 911 was brought to the scene for field-identification.  The woman identified one of the boys as the individual who she had seen throwing rocks and hitting cars.  The boy who had been riding on the bike was identified as the rock thrower who had tried unsuccessfully to hit her in the parking lot.  The other juvenile she could not positively identify.  Because she was not struck by any of the rocks the woman refused to press charges and included the following statement in her official report:  “I hope these kids get a stern reprimand and fine/community service.  I hope they don’t go to jail-maybe (just the) Juvenile Diversion Program.”

The young man, 19 years old, who was identified as the thrower of the rocks that caused vehicle damage was handcuffed and booked at the Olympia Jail for property damage totaling roughly $1,000.  The other two boys, 16 and 17 years old, were released after having their contact information documented.

Sign-ups for antiquated stone casting punishment are now open: He who is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone.

Date/Time: 7/10/2013, 19:30 Hours

Location: 65th Ave. SW and 7th Ave. SW, Tumwater

Incident: Idle Hands (Playing with Fire-crackers)

The follies of youth and unscripted time continue with patriotic exuberance, bicycles, and the fire department.

When neighbors in a normally sleepy neighborhood in Tumwater heard fireworks exploding in there burg they phoned for police.  But before one of the calling parties could hang up on his noise complaint, the dynamic of the call changed completely.  As the caller gave a description of three juveniles throwing firecrackers into a brush pile, a bang much larger than any of the others exploded and caught the brush and surrounding grassy area on fire.  The juveniles quickly jumped on their get-away bikes and began peddling furiously to flee the area as the fire burned approximately 75 feet away from nearby homes.

The wife of one of the complainants then took the phone and gave dispatchers a very thorough description of the suspects.  She stated that two of the perpetrators were very familiar to her, as they had been pyro-maniac-ing outside her house for six straight days since the 4th of July.  The woman even gave the police a description of one of the perpetrators house, stating that, “it was on the way to the police station.”

The responding TPD officer was familiar with the address from previous incidents and so quickly approached the house and knocked on the door. When the suspect’s mother answered the door she stated that her son was taking a bath.  The officer responded that, “he must have just gotten in (the tub) because he was seen just a few minutes earlier down the road.”  The mother confirmed this time-frame and summoned her son from the soapy suds.  During his interaction with the TPD the boy told the officer the names of his friends, but then after being read his Miranda/Juvenile rights, refused to answer any more questions.

After being identified in person by the calling party as one of the suspects in the firework fire, the juvenile boy was placed under arrest for Unlawful Discharge of Fireworks and Reckless Burning 2nd Degree and transported to the Juvenile Detention Center for processing.  During this time, one of the Detention Center employees recognized the suspect and asked if he had been hanging with the same friends that the youth had already named to the TPD officer.  The Detention Center employee informed the TPD officer that the three youths were currently serving on the weekend work crew for previous offenses. One of the parties in question even had an outstanding warrant for an outstanding Reckless Burning Charge.

New charges of Unlawful Discharge of Fireworks and Reckless Burning 2nd Degree were forwarded for the arrested parties under-age accomplices as well.  The Tumwater Fire Department deployed to the brush fire and summarily extinguished the flaming misplace exuberance.

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