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Arts Walk XLVI is here, and it’s more artsy and walky than ever!

On Friday, April 26, from 5 to 10 PM, and Saturday, April 27, from noon to 8 PM, downtown Olympia will be filled with art, art seekers, and scene stealers. The only disappointment at Arts Walk is that you can’t possibly see it all.

“Is there any piece of it that OP&L recommends?,” we’re going to pretend you asked. Well, child, there is more painting and mixed media and photography at Arts Walk than one person could ever shake an oil-painted, bead-encrusted, sharply-focused stick at. While that’s a good thing, we wanted to find some more unusual stuff for you to squish into your art-craving eyeballs.

Here are some our  selections (#numbers refer to the number in the official Arts Walk map, available everywhere that’s cool):


Crafts at Make Olympia!

The Make Olympia Market will take place at a new location on 5th Avenue, between Franklin and Adams. From 4 to 10 PM on Friday only, the nearly 40 vendors shall be selling an array of items that have been locally hand crafted. A full listing of the vendors can be found at (#65)


Encaustic Demostration and Human Powered Sculpture

Friday, Christopher Gerber will demonstrate the ancient medium of beeswax encaustic, using multiple layers and mica pigments generating a holographic effect – a different painting from every angle. He fuses layers with intense heat, integrating contrasting textures and revealing intriguing nuances. Saturday, Bil Fleming will be on Washington Street providing patrons with the opportunity to interact with this Freestanding Human-Powered kinetic sculpture, “The Divorcé Re’Made By His Lover, Indeed” (Marcel Duchamp reference there), made from old-growth fir, plaster lath, plastic grocery bag drive belt, brown paper bags, and 6 bike wheels.(Matter Gallery, Washington Street between 4th and 5th Avenues, #69)


Olympia Eagles

Saturday, the Olympia Eagles open their Grand Ballroom for a bundle of events and activities, including locally crafted items, gift baskets to raffle-off, refreshments featuring Tamale Fusion (a flavorful Vegan “Pastel de Tamal”), entertainment ranging from  demonstrations of Kung Fu,  Flamenco, Ordisi and liturgical dance, and Swing & Charleston dance lessons, to songs sung by the popular group “Forever Young Rock and Roll Chorus”. Artisans will offer handmade jewelry, soaps, cards, candles and “Geek Cred”. It all benefits Safeplace. (Olympia Eagles Club, 4th Avenue and Plum Street, Saturday, 2:30 PM, #3),


Bi-Annual Latte Art Throw Down!

Baristas compete to display their talents creating beautiful latte art. Supported by local coffee companies, this fun event spotlights yet another way to enjoy coffee! (Reality Church, Franklin Street and 7th Avenue, Saturday at 1:30 PM, #43)


Celebrate the Species at the Olympia Timberland Library!

From 5 to 8 PM on Friday, children and families can create works of art with local artist Nora Walsh. At 5:15 PM, visitors can dance along with youth percussion band, Sambalincolnwa. Throughout Arts Walk, check out sculptural art created by youth with the help of local artists. (Franklin Street and 8th Avenue, #42)


Bamboo and mugwort!

Tony Lane Norberg is an Olympia native of Olympia who studied under painter William Cumming, author of “Sketchbook”, and who is currently developing his Special Effects Entertainment company, “PixelRealistic”. His Talisman Art is made from clay, and natural materials such as bamboo and mugwort. With other artists. (Inklife Tattoo, 4th Avenue near Franklin Street, #28)


Thurston County History Card Project!

These cards represent a total of 48 people from our local past, geographically speaking, and range from founding settlers to important architects and even a guy who ran an opium den. They include a dizzying array of facial hair. More info at (New Caledonia, 5th Avenue near Washington Street, #78)


Recycled Metal Sculpture by Tog (The Old Geezer)!

Tog says “No one was ever more surprised than I, how folks relate to art made from recycled materials! Many of my sculptures now reside far across the country. A ballet dancer and fairy now reside In Massachusetts and Alabama, for example!)” (Sylvester Park, #46)


Repurposed and Reclaimed Stuff!

Three Bad Seeds studio creates modern, graphic pillows from reclaimed wool sweaters and blankets; Ruby Re-Usable reuses common household discards to make fascinators, sculptures, and wall hangings. Ruby’s students’ recycled art is also on display at the Olympia Timberland Regional Library, and Ruby’s art is also at Matter Gallery. (Washington Street, #71)


Art and Alcohol!

Sometimes, art looks best while sipping a whiskey and coke (hold the coke). Of course, you can drink in any downtown tavern any day, but if you go to Fish Tale Brew Pub (#35), The Brotherhood Lounge (#121), or The Royal Lounge (#124), you can make it an official part of Arts Walk.


Kids Do Stuff!

Kids can make salmon puppets or get their face painted by the Capital Lakefair Royal Court (Washington Street near 5th Avenue, #59), partake in a “Family Felt Activity” (Olympia Center, #123), do interactive papercraft (Olympia Timberland Library, Friday, 5 to 7 PM, #42), do craft activities (Hands On Children’s Museum, Friday, 5 to 9 PM, #8), enjoy a preview of the play Cinder-Edna (Olympia Family Theater, 5:30 to 8 PM, on the hour and ½ hour, #14), or “pet the instruments” with Student Orchestra of Greater Olympia, where kids of all ages will have an opportunity to blow, bow and buzz the various instruments in an orchestra. (Washington Center, Saturday, 2 to 4 PM, #58).


Rawk music!

Shred it at the Hard Rock Parking Lot (presented by Old School Pizzeria, Franklin Street and 5th Avenue, Friday and Saturday all day, #23), and with The Dads (Warehouse Rock Gym, Olympia Avenue and Adams Street, Friday, 5 to 10 PM, #9), acoustic rock by Ross & Waugh (Washington Street between 4th and 5th Avenues, #72), power Americana by Blue Ringer (Oly Fed parking lot, Capitol Way and Fifth Avenue, Friday, 6 to 10 PM, #89), classic rock by Pumphouse (The Steam Plant, Thurston Avenue and Washington Street, Friday, 7 and 8:30 PM, #12), and probably another dozen band who didn’t bother to sign up with Arts Walk but will try to take advantage of the crowds to play a show.


Cover Art!

The cover of the Arts Walk map is by China Star (also a OP&L contributor and one-time Fortnightly Single!). You can also see her work at The Steam Plant (#12) and the YOGA Loft (#100).


Power Tool Drag Races!

The Olympia Power Tool Drag Races is an annual event that combines creativity, hacking and racing. The race vehicles are based on electric hand tools and the tracks are side by side and made of plywood.  The racers (vehicles) range from simple and fast to wild and crazy. More info at (Oly Fed parking lot, Capitol Way and Fifth Avenue, Saturday, noon, #89)



Movement is art too! Enjoy ballet at Johansen Dance Center (Jefferson Street near 5th Avenue, Friday, 6:30 PM, #34), Middle Eastern Dane with Troupe Rashaad (Olympia Ballroom, Legion Way near Capitol Way, Friday at 8 PM and Saturday at 2 PM, #48), RADCO contemporary dance (Legion Way and Capitol Way, Saturday, 3 PM, #92), and several dance events at the Olympia Eagles (above, #3).


Procession of the Species and Luminary Procession!

The Procession starts Saturday at 4:30 PM. If you don’t know what the Procession is, just go and prepare to be overjoyed by the wonderfulliciousness. And don’t forget about the Luminary Procession – the illuminated walk – on Friday at 9 PM. There’s still time for you to create something and be in one or both the processions. Find out how at


Find more artsy details at

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