New Fortnightly Single: Sarah Jordan!

Frivolity Fortnightly Single

Hey there, Olympia! Meet Sarah Jordan! Sarah Jordan. Two names. It’s a double name. Do NOT call her Sarah.


This hilarious, progressively minded, lady spends most of her time rocking the Masters in Social Work program at UW Tacoma and working full-time for a local non-profit. She also volunteers with other organizations in the community as an advocate and is very committed to social justice. She has passion for working with children and has done that for many years.


Sarah Jordan first moved to Olympia 5 years ago to attend Evergreen. She hails from Nashville, TN and is very close to her large Southern family. She graduated from Evergreen in 2011 where she played on the women’s soccer team and studied psychology and anti-oppression.


When Sarah Jordan isn’t working or busy with school, she can be found with her friends, telling stories with a good glass of pinot in hand. She tells a damn good story and has a fabulous laugh to accompany it! Someone who can laugh along with her and at themselves is a must! She is a sharp, witty and genuinely caring person, with a passion for people that is displayed in her thoughtful relationships with those close with her. While she is a very caring person, she is also an extremely loyal friend who knows her values and isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

Sarah Jordan leads an active life. She loves the outdoors, particularly the beach!  She enjoys playing sports and doing physical activities such as soccer, basketball, kayaking, and hiking. She can also really shake it on the Zumba dance floor! She loves traveling and seeing new places!


What is this fabulous lady looking for, you ask? A kind, funny, outgoing, like-minded man, who can keep up with this focused and intelligent woman. She likes her men like she likes her cars: reliable (she drives a Subaru, btw). Someone who likes to go out to eat, have meaningful conversations, enjoys going out to a good movie, seeing an exhibit at a museum, taking a walk around the lake, or just relaxing at home.


If this is you, where have you been?! Take our fab friend out on a date and see just how great she is!



Sarah Jordan’s Loving Fan Club (her friends)


P.S. Sarah Jordan likes flowers, chocolate covered pretzels, dogs & snuggles!

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