This is your chance!
As the first “Adventure in Olympia,” we present an opportunity for you to be a Stage Kitten at TUSH!’s December 3 show at the Capitol Theater.
What is a Stage Kitten, you ask? We’ll let TUSH!’s own Betty Beelzebub answer that:

In burlesque, the role of the “Stage Kitten” is very important, and sometimes can make, or break, a good show!
The Kitten’s most important jobs are to set up properly, and remove, stage props before and after each performance, and to keep track of each and every performer’s costume pieces for them.
The Stage Kitten uses a stage map given to her from her stage manager or from each performer so that she knows exactly where each prop should be placed for that performer. Using notes given to them by their stage manager, and notes taken during rehearsals, a Kitten should be aware of each costume piece being removed, and during the actual performance, should watch each performance from the side stage, taking a mental note of where each costume article “lands” for quick and efficient pick up.
The Kitten uses a basket to make sure all the pieces are put in one place, and then promptly delivers all of the articles to the performer, who is often back stage waiting for his or her costume to be returned. If liquids, or glitter, or confetti, or anything of the sort is used in a performance, it is the Kitten’s job to clean it up thoroughly.
A stage Kitten often creates a stage name and persona of her own, for added entertainment value. Although she is not a “performer,” she is asked to dress in a manner that portrays the theme of the show itself, and may be asked to give a wink or two towards the audience by the MC while sharing stage time between performers.

If you would like to be a Stage Kitten for TUSH!, send an email to, and explain why you should be picked. You can enclose photos if you like, or wild promises, or bribes, or whatever you wish.
Guys, you’re eligible too!
(The person selected must be at least 18 years old, available on December 3, and available for some rehearsals. And yes, you’ll be in the paper.)

Burlesque not for you?
That’s okay. There are plenty of other adventures to be had in Olympia.
Write in to to sign up for any of these exciting opportunitiies:
Ride along with the Olympia Police Department (see what they really do all night)
Learn roller derby from the Oly Rollers
Go backstage with Alice Cooper (okay, maybe we’re not worthy…. but there must be some local talent you’ve always wanted to meet)
Follow a Day in the Life of an Elected Official of your choice (see what the “backroom” really looks like)
Become a Master Recycler Composter and tour the local dump

Yes, we’ll let you pick the adventure you want to go on. And if you have a different idea, suggest it to us and we’ll work to make it happen.
Email us today and get your adventure started.

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