New Fortnightly Single: Nicole!

Frivolity Fortnightly Single

What about Todd? Todd has a date scheduled. Yay! We will write it all up and you will read all about it in the next issue.

Meanwhile, meet Nicole:

Oh hey. I’m Nicole.

I am from Chicago and my Midwest roots run deep. (Don’t ever bad-mouth R. Kelly or the White Sox). I graduated from Evergreen a few years ago and have been nomadic and traveling/working abroad/seeking sun since. But I always seem to find my way back to Olympia.

I’m not much of a homebody and seem to constantly be on the move seeking adventure or a new learning opportunity. I learned to surf last year and am completely hooked. Yes, the water is cold in Washington, but I quickly forget about it when I get a rush of adrenaline from catching my first wave. I have recently learned to play the djembe drum.

I probably spend too much time online watching Beyoncé videos. Perhaps you’ve seen me downtown testing out the moves I have learned from the videos dancing to hot jamz.

Going to see live music is a huge passion of mine. It started in high school; I would tag along with my older brother to hippie jam band concerts. And it’s blossomed into an addiction. I am open to seeing any music that can get me dancing. My favorite band from Chicago, who I have seen an embarrassing amount of times, even covered Toto “Africa”

for me before I left to live there.

I had someone who was trying to set me up with a friend ask me what my type is. “Brunette? Blonde? Tall?” And I blurted out “extrovert!” I am looking for someone who is fun, outgoing, could come surf with me, and maybe join me on the dance floor. (Bonus points for beards). Why not put yourself out there (I clearly already have) and come out on a delightful date with me? As Drake says, YOLO, you only live once.  ◙


If you would like to go on a date with Nicole, write an email explaining why she should select you, and attach a pic, and send it all to!

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