New Fortnightly Single: Todd!

Frivolity Fortnightly Single
Hello Olympia,
My name is Todd B. Gruel.  I’m 29 years old, 6’3″, and I’m ready for a drink!  I’m also new to Washington — at the end of February I drove up here from San Diego (where I’ve spent my entire life thus far).  Despite the fact that it took me so long to move away from my hometown there’s definitely a restless and curious wanderer within me who is ready for a trip to just about anywhere!
So anyways, where do I begin?  I studied for six long years at the university and graduated with a B.A. in Literature and Writing Studies along with a Minor in Philosophy — and, as the saying goes, that and a dollar will get you a cup of coffee. I’ve completed one music album so far which I’ve self-released — and by “released” I mean collecting dust in my garage. I’ve also spent the last few years compiling thousands of images from the web related to fine art, astronomy, portraits of artists and scientists, and viruses and bacteria.  I also take pictures of rust patterns on the sides of electric boxes (it’s fascinating just how expressive industrial textures can be).  And I have an ambition to write children’s books.  For me creative expression of any kind is essential for a healthy and happy life.
I have worked in the health and education field for some eight long years. I’ve worked as a group leader at an Elementary school daycare centers, as a mentor for children and teens with disabilities, and as a program instructor for adults with disabilities.  Although I’ve enjoyed my line of work greatly (the field has its surprising rewards) its also quite exhausting, pays very little, and has little room for advancement.  For now I no longer have an interest in being a “saint for hire” but I am, however, interested in furthering my education.  So, I’m thinking about returning for a Master’s degree in counseling — this for me seems to be the perfect blend between idealism (with my interest in helping people) and realism (with the practical necessities of making a living).
Let’s see, what else?  I’m really good at keeping promises, pursuing my passions, swearing to (and sometimes at) myself, blowing kisses from afar, drinking what is poured for me, and sleeping well into the morning.  I love cats for their honesty, intellegence, and independence.  I’m a dreamer with a cloud for a pillow — yet I’m still realistic enough to walk a straight line when necessary.  I wish I was a seahorse.  I enjoy singing karaoke songs by my favorite divas (Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, etc.).  Sometimes I dress in drag.  And, lastly, I was a vegetarian for ten years.
How about some things that I could never do without: good friends, my acoustic guitar, my camera, books, a comfortable bed, a dream worth pursuing.  And a few things that constantly fascinate me: sex, death, love, seahorses, and “it” (whatever “it” may be)…
So, YOU should contact ME if you’re interested and honestly think that we might have a connection. I don’t much care for the rigid traditional gender roles that society has imposed upon us. Women, just like men, hunt; women, just like men, have desires (and needs); and women, just like men, should be able to pursue what they want!  What I’m interested in is a woman who has a purpose worth pursuing, a woman with original thoughts, and a woman with passion and feeling!!!  Women who are ONLY looking for a provider should look elsewhere; a woman without aspirations beyond what the ovaries supply should look elsewhere.  I enjoy beautiful women — as long as they can finish a sentence — and a plate of food — and can entertain occasional deep thoughts (political, philisophical, and spiritual) — but beauty is NOT enough.  So, take what you want; and if you think you might want ME, then don’t wait for me to find YOU.  Let’s have some fun…

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