Meg and Bob go on a date!

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Meg and Bob with waitress Monica

[Surprise! Meg went on a date after all. Bob wrote in just as we were printing the issue where Meg said she decided against a date. But we sent her his submission, and she changed her mind. Yippee! With thanks to guest reporter Emma.]


We have fans. Yep. Who knows how many of them there are, but we have always suspected that they are strong in number and this week we got proof that there are at least two! That’s right, two.

And one of them was our server at this week’s Fortnightly Single date. We’re on the road to being famous. Don’t get mad when we don’t recognize you from the top. We’re like that.

Meg suggested the Iron Rabbit Restaurant & Bar for her Fortnightly Single date. When we arrived, our waitress Monica was flush with excitement and giggled after everything she said. We loved her immediately. She and her roommate read the Fortnightly Single as soon as it comes out. She’d just finished reading our account of Roy and Sunny’s love story (ok, we might be getting ahead of ourselves there, but still), and she was thrilled to be serving us. Fortnightly Single success already! Oh wait, but Meg and Bob hadn’t actually sat down yet.

Bob wrote to Meg because she seemed mature, and because she wasn’t one of the usual tattooed hipsters that occupy the fortnightly single. He came into the date with an open mind and wanting to try something new, as did Meg.

Bob is a fish biologist, and when he explained what that was we have to admit we kind of tuned out. He makes water safe for fish, is what we’re pretty sure it amounts to (but there were a lot more words, so, Bob, if we are doing you a disservice here, we’re real sorry). He is also a drummer in Samba Olywa and the father to a teenage son who he says is doing a good job being a teenager (our sympathies, we told him). After two divorces, Bob is warily getting into the dating scene, and he thought Meg seemed like someone he wanted to get to know.

Meg ordered a French dip and Monica came back to the table, mortified that they were out of roast beef. She was horrified and swore it was the only thing on the menu that wasn’t available. Meg ordered steak instead, and she and Bob started talking about how they’ve both lived in Maryland – both of them hated the weather. Bob asks Meg about being a real estate agent, and she talks about how it takes a lot of hand-holding and she’s trying to learn not to answer her phone on weekend evenings.

Bob ended up working at the state of Washington because he likes the folks he is working with and the job is close to where his son lives in British Columbia. He drives to retrieve his son for visits on a regular basis, taking him back down to Olympia and bringing him home.

“Did you just wake up one day and join Samba Olywa?” Meg asks, “and do you dance or just play music?”

Bob sought out Samba Olywa because he thought scientists need balance in their lives, and music is one of his favorite ways to do that, but he doesn’t, and has never danced. Meg loves dancing for exercise, and Samba drummers have been to her zumba class before for added rhythm.

They go on to discuss the work, family, and Crimestoppers. They discuss music, books, and food. They discuss boundaries and the fact that Bob and his former wife had cats.

“Well, when we got separated she took three cats and I took two”.

“So, you had five cats in all?” Meg asks.

Bob thinks you have to have a balance in life, and that’s true. The balance got a little confused right then when Monica came back, red faced and overly apologetic, saying they were out of the steak Meg ordered. She didn’t quite know what to do when everyone started laughing about that, and Meg assured her that everything was really fine. A salad, she says, whatever you have, it is totally fine. Monica offers her a different kind of steak cooked in the same way Meg had ordered, and Meg assured her that was fine.

Flush with relief and hit with more giggles, Monica left us again and Meg and Bob went on with their small talk while one reporter looked at another and asked, “Do cows still exist? What food do you think they still have?”

What makes this date slightly different than the others is that Meg is a friend of one of the reporters but not the other. So it’s at this point that one reporter writes a note to the other:

“is this going well?”


Bob is a very nice guy, and Meg is a nice lady. So the two of them proceed to be very … nice … to each other. Both of them have lots of conversation skills, both of them are thoughtful, both of them are generous and nice. So to the outside observer it might seem like their date was going well.

But it really wasn’t. With all of our excessive “insider” information we were on to them by the second time Monica came out to tell Meg her food wasn’t available, and this gives us an insight into the great Fortnightly Single mystery: when people are cordial to each other, is that a good sign?

We always wonder! And this is where we want to send a shout out to those of you who’ve done this before: send us updates on what happened between you two! Enquiring minds want to know.

Ok, back to Meg and Bob. We separate them again after the entrée, and Meg’s not interested and Bob is willing to give it a go again. But Bob knows the odds aren’t really in his favor: he’s a few years older than her, for starters. He leaves the door open to try again and leaves it at that. Both of them are appreciative of the opportunity to be in the Fortnightly Single, both of them are totally pleasant.

As we left, Monica stopped us on the way out, thanking us for our tip and for being there: “I was nervous! But I think I did ok.”  ◙


If you would like to be a Fortnightly Single, and have people write in to date you, tell us why and attach a pic and send it all to!


Plus, you can still write in to date Todd, if you do so right away!

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