New Fortnightly Single: Roy!

Frivolity Fortnightly Single

What about Meg??!!

Meg decided she didn’t want to go on a date after all. We’re not sure whether she met someone else or was embarrassed to be seen with OP&L reporters or what, but we wish her the best.

Dang, we’re on a bit of a cold streak, with several folks in a row not ending up with dates, but hey… let’s move on and meet Roy! This profile was written by Roy’s friends, but he approved it. (Yes, we checked.)

      Meet Roy. We met Roy over a year ago. We were looking for a reliable roommate and between the free love couple and the European business man, we landed on Roy. To begin, we are in no way attempting to get rid of him.

      Roy is a tall drink of water (6 foot 6 to be exact), clothed in fine woolen products (usually Filson or Pendleton), but under that exterior is a musician, a traveler, a nurse, a woodworker, and many other amiable features you’ll soon fall in love with.

      He recently released an album of what he calls “bluesy folk” music, but what we call catchy old-timey music. You may have seen him playing at a house show and if that’s the case, maybe “Skinny Roy” rings a bell. He got his first guitar at thirteen with the money he made from mowing lawns and working harvest. Ah Yes! He’s a real country boy living in the city. Born and raised in St. John, Washington (even we don’t know where that is), Roy often spends weekends fishing, camping, and hiking with friends, and never without his trusty companion, Bart. Now, if you aren’t sold, this is the where he gets you.

      He rescued this canine cutie during the year he taught English in South Korea. He has also spent time studying in Norway, and traveling around the rest of Europe and Asia. He graduated from UW in 2006 with a degree in Psychology, but is back in school and will receive his nursing degree this June. He currently takes care of the grandparents of the greater Olympia region; aka, he’s a LPN. So yes, ladies, he does have a stable job.

      What does he do when he’s not playing guitar, travelling, or working, you ask? For one, he makes time to voyage to Portland and Aberdeen. In Portland resides Roy’s older sister (and only sibling) who will soon be having a baby. In Aberdeen lives Roy’s sugar mamma (just kidding, she’s a sweet elderly lady who has taken a liking to our boy). Often though, Roy is out hunting for vintage goods at local thrift stores, studying at a coffee shop downtown, or out enjoying a beer at the bars. He’s always the first of us to meet someone when we’re out. Roy is a very personable, honest guy. He’s also very caring and loving to those around him.

      At 27, he’s a gem amongst pebbles…a modern day cowboy without the boots and chaps. Why isn’t he taken? We don’t know! So, dear Olympians, this is Roy. Of course there is a lot more, but you have to find that out yourself. We do know that Bart makes his appearance on the second date, which is well worth sitting through the first (that’s a joke).


      Roy’s Roommates. ◙

If you would like to go on a date with Roy, send an email and pic to explaining why he should date you! If he agrees, you’ll end up in this newspaper!

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