By Brooke McKenzie, 7/14/10

I stopped in today at Tasties to get a taste of the islands. After growing up in Hawaii, it isn’t every day that I get to have a authentic plate lunch on the mainland.

The restaurant is small, but clean. Bar stools line the windows where you can sit and watch the world go by. They have a small menu, but hope to expand as the business expands. They were certainly personable when I went in, offering me bites of the macaroni salad or Kalua pork.

I tried the loco moco, one of my favorite dishes from back home.

The loco moco is a hamburger, atop a few scoops of sticky white rice, piled with gravy and an egg on top. I was told the hamburger is prepared special with onion soup mix and seasonings – it was really a tasty patty.

I think the gravy is the most important part of loco moco and this gravy was good. My egg was actually perfectly cooked – at many places it comes a little bit raw (which grosses me out) but this egg was perfect.

They have burgers, including the Hawaiian burger which of course has a bit of pineapple on it. Being from Hawaii, this is actually one of my pet peeves, that anything you put pineapple on is suddenly Hawaiian, but I digress — it sounded like a perfectly great burger.

They also have hot dogs and Spam. They plan to have Spam musubi soon. The proprietors are considering adding breakfast, which will undoubtedly include Spam as well, and expanding their hours.

Hawaii is actually the number one consumer of Spam in the U.S., and while many think the canned meat is disgusting, I really like it (but I’m from Hawaii and that includes many acquired tastes). In Hawaii we put Spam on everything – in Spam musubi (Spam surrounded by rice and a blanket of nori or seaweed), in our saimin (noodle soup) or for breakfast with Portuguese sausage (spicy sausage), eggs and rice.

Plate lunch consists of two scoops of rice, salad (they have macaroni, cole slaw and green) and a meat dish. They also have a kids menu including peanut butter and jelly. They have kalua pork in sandwiches. They are considering adding steak to the menu for the summer months.

The proprietor said they opened the Hawaiian restaurant not only because his mom has been to Hawaii, but also because there was nothing like it in the vicinity. Stop in for a taste you won’t soon forget at Tasties. ◙

Tasties is located on the 900 block of Capitol Way. Their hours are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 11 AM-4 PM, and Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 11 AM-6 PM.

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