TUSH! Burlesque Takes Over

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This is where we promised titties and tassles

and we deliver

The following missive came through on the OP&L newswire, and we were powerless to stop it:

TUSH! is a collective of creative, vivacious, sexy and outspoken women, brought together by the shared vision to rebel against commercial beauty standards.

We represent an authentic and uncoventional array of body types, ages, colors and cultural identities in a powerful, intelligent and humorous way. TUSH! strives to empower women, validating each individual representation of beauty and celebrating the diversity that defines what is sexy.

Our upcoming show will be February 11th, just before Valentine’s Day. Each one of us will be sharing our own vision of love through our performances, in all of its forms. Love of a partner, love of substance, love of self… and more, as the manifestations of love are limitless.

This one we called ‘Pink Oyster Cult.’

If there is always one common thread through all of our performances, it is humor. ‘Burlesque’ literally means ‘to make fun of’ — and what is life, after all, if one can not laugh at one’s self?

TUSH! Burlesque is: Frida Fondle, Betty Beelzebub, Nani Poonani, Prudence Payne, Ginger S. Natch, Lowa DeBoom Boom, Black Bonni, and Princess LuckyButtons. With special guest appearance by Oliver Clothesoff.

We are Olympia’s OWN ~ TUSH! Burlesque!” ◙


A love letter in stilettos

and sequins

Thursday, February 11

The Royal Lounge

(311 N. Capitol Way)

Two shows: 7:30 and 9:30 PM

$10.00 at the door

Two of the wonders to behold at TUSH! Burlesque.

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